Monday, February 22, 2016

My Entries to the 2016 Kahimunan Festival Butuan City

The results of the Kahimunan Festival Butuan Photo Contest are out and unfortunately for this year, my pictures were not as lucky as last years. The picture above is my highest ranked picture among the 6 entries that I submitted this year and to be candid about it, its the least that I expected to get a good ranking.  This picture placed 6th Place in the Grand Kahimunan Category. 

Well, its not really good for me this year. On the first day alone, I negligently erased my entire shots for the Festival Highlights category which already became a distraction for me for the rest of the competition. 

I also experimented in the Street Dancing category when I used a 35 mm lens all the way, thinking there are a lot of Street Dancing participants. By the time I let go of the contingent which I followed for most of the way, the succeeding contingents were not that spectacular as to get a good shot. 

The Grand Kahimunan category completed my forgettable competition this year. As last years, a throng of photographers already occupied the front row. Complicating things is that the performance venue is too close to our positions rendering my 135 mm Prime Lens utterly useless. By the time, I shifted to the 35mm lens it was already too little, too late. 

My consolation though is that I really enjoyed the camaraderie and rapport of Caraga photographers. Its a whiff of fresh air for the daily boring routine in my normal life and this breakaway is a welcome respite. 

Here are the rest of my entries that didn't make the cut.