Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Iconic Shots of the PFF U22

The following are photos which for me captures the drama of the PFF U22 Championships here in Surigao City. This will wrap up my coverage of the recent football event here. 

Postscript of the PFF U22 Championships

Atty. Jerry Centro (left) is the Team Manager of One Surigao team and Stephen Gorgonio is the current President of the Surigao del Norte Football Federation. The dynamic helped form and organized a strong football team composed of the best of club players in Surigao City and Tandag City, hence One Surigao. 

The boys got to play the official FIFA approved balls for this tournament. 

The one who interviewed Atty. Centro is Mario Simorlan, a radio blocktimer and reporter who is also the immediate past President of the Surigao del Norte Football Association. 

Butuan team

Surigao Team

All teams except the host Surigao team are billeted in pension houses in the city complete with air condition rooms and cable tv. Some teams have their own buses. 

The tournament was graced by Mr. Cyril V. Dofitas, the tournament director of the PFF U22. Aside from supervising the tournament, Mr. Dofitas also wanted to look at the Surigao football field and was accordingly satisfied. Except for the lights which was found inadequate for being too low, the Surigao football field was adjudged as excellent especially its location where it is in the heart of the city near hotels and accommodation facilities. 

Referees earned as much as 1,000 pesos per game. The job looks promising for a sideline but accordingly the qualification is tough with physical test that determines ones fitness and endurance. 

The Surigao coaching staff. Head coach Christiano Repeso (center) and Mark Salubre Manlimos, assistant coach (partly hidden) and Victor Gorgonio, adviser (left). Repeso and Manlimos are both connected with San Juan FC and Gorgonio with Surigao United. 

The Surigao del Norte Football Association hosted a dinner with coaching staffs of the participating teams as well as tournament officials at Tavern Hotel where everything about Mindanao football were discussed and shared. 

One Surigao team also had its beach party on the next day at Mabua beach. Its a great way to reward themselves with their hardwork and excellent showing in the recent PFF U22 tournament.  Just a few miscues that denied them of greater achievement in this tournament but the boys showed a good promise. The activity is attended by SDNFA President Stephen Gorgonio and the coaching staff. 

So there you go folks. The next would be about photos and it will be the last one related to the tournament. Until next time guys!